From the classroom to the world: A look into how one student is taking her learning experience from the books to the real world

Samantha Salazar, sophomore English-communication arts major, is the social media intern for the department of English and Communication Studies. As the social media intern, Salazar is responsible for many different things. Not only does she post on behalf of the department, but has recently taken on more responsibility that has to do with designing graphics,Continue reading “From the classroom to the world: A look into how one student is taking her learning experience from the books to the real world”

Social Media Internship: A Reflection

What was learned? As the social media intern for the Department of English and Communication Studies, the beginning weeks of have consisted mostly of planning and designing. In order to properly prepare for future posting I have been creating a posting schedule which has been extremely helpful. I have also spent my time designing differentContinue reading “Social Media Internship: A Reflection”

The semester that sparked an evolution

Media Production I has been a tremendously beneficial class for my overall skills as an aspiring journalist. This class introduced me to the vast spectrum that is multimedia and how it can be utilized to convey stories in a visual or audial way. Technologically, I am substantially better-versed in the programs needed to make qualityContinue reading “The semester that sparked an evolution”

KSTA News Brief

This project was quite different from any other multimedia project I have done. It helped me polish my skills as an audio editor, introduced me to the realm of adding jingles, and helped me polish my reporting voice. Overall, this project helped my improve my overall skills as a multimedia editor.  

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Kimberly Salazar, sophomore psychology major, bakes Mexican Wedding Cookies. The dessert represents her love of baking which stems from her mother and grandmother. • ½ lb. butter or margarine, softened • ½ cup powdered sugar • 2 cups sifted cake flour • 1 cup chopped pecans • 1 tsp. vanilla Cream butter; add sugar andContinue reading “Mexican Wedding Cookies”