The semester that sparked an evolution

Media Production I has been a tremendously beneficial class for my overall skills as an aspiring journalist. This class introduced me to the vast spectrum that is multimedia and how it can be utilized to convey stories in a visual or audial way.

Technologically, I am substantially better-versed in the programs needed to make quality videos and audio. In this class, I was introduced to Final Cut Pro and Garage Band and was able to be refreshed on Photoshop. Knowing the software is the first step in the creation of quality multimedia pieces and will be quite beneficial for employers who are looking for candidates already familiar with the software. In addition, this class was my introduction into using lavalier microphones for audio. It took some practice, but I have become familiar with its usage.

Before this class, my communication skills in terms of storytelling were limited to written. After a semester of Media Production I my capabilities have grown into being able to convey a story visually. Learning about the five shot rule helped me lay the foundation for producing a quality video package and the utilization of Final Cut Pro gave me the tools to do it. This class helped me strengthen my visual communication by giving me the guidance and tools to produce quality videos.

Although I practice my interpersonal communication on a daily basis through The Rattler, this class has helped me further evolve my skills by giving me the guidance necessary. Interviewing for the newspaper and interviewing for an audio package are completely different and this class gave proper advice to execute it properly. For example, where it’s best to record, not to talk during the interviewee’s answer, and how to get their answer with a part of the question in it. This semester of Media Production I has been invaluable to my communication skills and has helped me as a storyteller overall.

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